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Moving On...

After almost a year, Kallonae_Icons is shutting down. I won't be updating with icons or graphics at this journal anymore, however all the old stuff will stay here, cause I'm too lasy to move it!

All graphics are now posted @ my personal journal, aranelya!!!

If you are an affiliate of K-I, feel free to update your affiliation to my personal journal.
Since its not just a graphics journal, though, I will understand if you wish to remove me from your list. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

Finally, thank you to the almost 100 members that have joined!!! I truely touched! I hope you'll check out my graphics in the future at aranelya :)

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15 new icons, featuring:

~5 Lord of the Rings (all Arwen/Arwen & Aragorn themed)
~5 Harry Potter (various)
~5 Fashion (mostly bridal/formal wear)

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Random Question of the Day: Does the new style of this journal display properly on your browser/computer screen? It looks fine on my laptop, but my sister pointed out that on her screen the side banner is aligned wrong....
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Well, my laptop is gone being fixed b/c of a problem with Photoshop *tears* so I'm a little out of luck (and icons) for the time being. However, if you feel like it, please go here and let me know what you think of my work! You can post anonymously and say whatever you want! Suggestions and constructive criticism/tips/whatever are welcome.

Thanks guys! ♥

EDIT 3/10: Laptop fixed! PS working! New style up & icons on the way!
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It's been quite a while since I posted any icons (thanks to Uni) but I've collected quite a few randmly, and then I remembered I had promised to do some Lucy from LWW & some HP actor/actresses, so here goes....I'm gonna post the HP set I've finished now and them upload/post another icon set later today, which will be a lot of randomness. But for now:

20 HP actor/actress icons (mostly Emma, but trio/ship as well)

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A Request Filled....

____friday (formally bubu_killer) Here is the banner you requested :) There's also a couple icons should you want them (but dont feel like you have to use them, you dont ;)) & a wall.....

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EDIT: Here are the revised banner + icons per your request. Hope these work out for you!
Also, please let me know when you've got these saved to your computer & uploaded, ect, so I can take them down. Thanks :)

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Merry Christmas from K_I!

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Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday! God bless! ♥ ♥ ♥

and since its Christmas-time, of course I made a (very very few more, b/c somewhere in here I have to fit my life too) icons, banners, and such. ;)
-Arwen of LotR
-Miranda Otto

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I'm honestly not as pleased with this as I was with the last batch of graphics. Any ideas or suggestions as to what you guys would like to see next? bubu_killer, Im working on your header now dear :) Let me know if there's anything particular you want on there.

Rules are the same as always, so I won't bore you by repeating them for the millionth time. Okay, so its more like I won't bore myself. lol.